As an industry we pledge our support for frontline workers by procuring and distributing PPE for the 24 hospitals most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It's our turn to protect you. #InItTogether #DistellCares @AwareOrg

The virus is still here. Even under Level 1, wear a mask, sanitise and wash your hands, and remember that social distancing saves lives. #DrinkResponsibly and stop the spread. #TradeAware #AwareOfTomorrow

Take a Moment, Sit Down and Consider some of the Consequences of Drunk Driving! #ArriveAlive #DontDrinkandDrive @TrafficRTMC @BreathalyserGuy @SABreweries @AwareOrg

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Your role in fighting Covid-19What is an off-consumption license?Social distancing + your business

Opening as an off-consumption outlet

Stopping the spread: Your responsibility to customers

Stopping the spread: Your responsibility to employees

What if an employee gets Covid-19?

What the law says about liquor

The law in South Africa 

The law in your province

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