There’s a moment before each drink where you get to choose the life you want. In just a few seconds, you have the chance to completely shift your tomorrow. Just a pause, but a powerful tool for life. We call it #INBTWN. #AwareOfTomorrow #ResponsibleChoices

If you like to indulge in a few drinks on a regular basis, what would be enough to make you think twice #INBTWN drinks? ​#AwareOfTomorrow #ResponsibleChoices

With so much we can't control, there's one thing each of us can. INBTWN a drink and a better tomorrow is a choice. Make a difference. Drink responsibly. Be part of the conversation, be part of the change. Choose #INBTWN. #AwareOfTomorrow #ResponsibleChoices

TODAY AT 11am do join us as we engage in conversation and find solutions to aiding our problem with alcohol as a country.

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#AwareOfTomorrow #ResponsibleChoices #INBTWN

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