We do not intend on harming anyone when celebrating, however road accidents & fatalities associated with alcohol use persist.Your drinking choices have more consequences than ever before. #IfYouDrinkNeverDrive #NeverWalkDrunk .

One decision to drink & drive can impact multiple lives. http://Aware.org.za & RTMC created a unique road safety intervention to turn the tide on the harm caused by drink driving. #IfYouDrinkNeverDrive #Loeries2021 with a Silver and Bronze Award. https://bit.ly/3nkcL9s

Think about the future of your baby. The decisions you make today, determine the outcome of tomorrow. Support an alcohol-free pregnancy!
#AwareOfTomorrow #NoToHarmfulDrinking
#FASDUthandoNethemba #FASDLoveHope

Pregnancy is a blessing. Protect your unborn infant from the effects of FASD – don’t consume alcohol during your pregnancy.
#AwareOfTomorrow #NoToHarmfulDrinking
#FASDUthandoNethemba #FASDLoveHope

9 months free from alcohol means your baby will be 100% free from FASD.
#AwareOfTomorrow #NoToHarmfulDrinking
#FASDUthandoNethemba #FASDLoveHope

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